Excalibur Refreshed, UK, Bilston

Key of the door for Excalibur Refreshed

Growth plans for Excalibur Refreshed

Excalibur purchase new premises to continue growth plans...

Yesterday marked a landmark for Excalibur as Richard Gilbert MD took ...

over the keys of a new property bought for the refurbishment and testing of refreshment equipment and spares. Richard explains, "Our 15,000 square foot facility will enable the company to increase productivity due to an improved layout and have a lower carbon footprint due to a more environmentally friendly building and energy sources". Excalibur also have plans to develop a showroom and meeting rooms - available for the vending industry to utilise. Details will emerge as the company will have a 3 month transition to move from its existing premises - within the N&W site in Bilston.

Posted on: Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 21:22:00

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