Excalibur Refreshed, UK, Bilston

Excalibur Rev Up Interest at Motorcycle Museum

Vendex Midlands 2016

Well, what a fantastically attended exhibition!

"Real Buzz"

Vendex Midlands 2016 was perhaps the busiest Vending Exhibition we have ever experienced.

Competition Winner!

Finally, we ran a competition for people to guess the number of coffee beans inside a large glass jar - with the closest answer winning a lovely bottle of Champagne. The correct answer was '3488 beans'; plenty were close (some were miles away!); however, the best answer was Ron Monk, Sales Manager at Vendaid. Ron's guess was 3490 - only 2 beans out! Therefore, a bottle of bubbly will be presented to Ron very soon. We found it fitting that Champagne, thought to have been invented by celebrated Monk, Don Perignon, was won by Mr Monk himself! Thank you to all who took the time to visit our stand!

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